99 Shades of Bronze

Become obsessed with 99 Shades of Bronze.

99 Shades of bronze

This exotic dark tanning potion will have your skin begging for more. Laced with smooth DHA as well as Natural and Cosmetic bronzers, your skin will achieve immediate bronze satisfaction as well as dark delayed bronzing results. Lust worthy skin tightening and toning ingredients PhytoCelltec and Renovage will firm, hydrate and plump the skin while also fighting the appearance of premature aging. Feel no guilt feeding your addiction and giving in to the sultry seductive elixir your skin craves.

• Superior dark bronzing blend – High DHA, Natural & Cosmetic Bronzers
• Cashmere Blend
• Repairs cell damage and increases collagen production for firmer, younger looking skin
• Anti-Aging & skin firming benefits of Phytocelltec, Renovage & Cell LD
• SunXtend color extending formula
• Works during and after your tanning session to facilitate the natural tanning process
• Cellulite fighters
• Sultry Seduction Fragrance
• Cashmere Extracts – bathe the skin in continuous hydration leaving it silky, soft and smooth
• Dark bronzing blend combines DHA with natural and cosmetic bronzers to provide deep, dark, long lasting color
• Renovage – Firms, hydrates and plumps the skin
• PhyToCelltec – protects the longevity of skin while combating signs of chronological aging & preserving the youthful look of skin
• SunXtend – Helps prevent color fading and prolongs the life of your tan
• Cell LD Technology – Increases the life span of cells, repairs cell damage and boosts collagen production for tighter, firmer, younger looking skin
• Body Fit Technology – Reduces the appearance of cellulite and restores firmness
• FreshTek Technology – a proprietary blend of deodorizing and skin freshening ingredients
Devoted Creations 99 Shades of Bronze – High DHA, Natural & Cosmetic Bronzers Bronzing Blend.


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