Lavish Legs


Lavish Legs Indoor Tanning Lotion

To achieve that ultimate all over gorgeous glow … Lavish Legs™ is a tanner’s dream! This product is specifically formulated to use in conjunction with your tanning lotion in order to obtain beautiful, dark legs.

The bronzing trifecta – consisting of immediate and delayed bronzers — will work to darken your legs to that ideal shade. Hair re-growth inhibitors will help you maintain this color by slowing down the rate of hair growth reducing your need to shave as often.

IdealLift™ – To Fight Skin Sagging

BodyFit™ – To Target Cellulite

RevitaFit™ – To Tone and Tighten

These technologies will work together to make your legs look their best. In addition, coffee bean extracts will help to reduce any swelling and increase the circulation in your legs.

This product will give you exactly what you are looking for … the Lavish Legs of your dreams!


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