UV Exposure Recommendation

It is recognized that there are many health benefits associated with UV Light Therapy and UV light is vital for the production of vitamin D.

There is evidence to suggest that over exposure to UV light may lead to skin cancer. It is also widely believed that sudden and rapid exposure to sunlight for paler skins may pose a higher risk than people who are exposed to UV in moderation in a controlled environment, such as sunbeds.

Our goal is help and advise you build a sensible tan. Our knowledgeable staff will build a plan which suits your needs, time and skin type.


1. Always build your tan gently over a period of time.
2. Starting with a few minutes and increase gradually.
3 Leave 48 hours between your first and second sessions.
4 Leave 24 hours between each subsequent session.
5. Avoid sunbathing that day if you’ve had a sunbed session or vice versa.
6. Always use a tanning accelerator to enhance your colour and replenishthe skin

To promote safe and sensible tanning, the following people are prevented from using UV Light Equipment

Under 18 years; 16-17 years with parental consent

Clients on photosensitive medication

Skin type 1

We reserve the right to refuse service base upon individual client circumstances.


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