Infrared Helps To Aid In Tan Acceleration


Infrared Heat is responsible for delivering Hydration Station’s powerful tan acceleration results. This dynamic energy source is emitted by the sun naturally and produces the same frequency level as our own body’s. Infrared Heat is absorbed by water, and as humans our bodies consist of between 50-75% water; leading to darker UV and Sunless results. This is achieved in two ways through the Infrared Heat technology.

First, Infrared Heat produces a natural “Tingle Factor X 10 Phenomenon” in the body and skin, without the common “hot” sensation that many tanners are sensitive to. Traditional tingle factor products deliver skin stimulation through the manual application and absorption of active ingredients. Hydration Station takes this concept much further. Radiant heat is effectively absorbed throughout the body from head to toe creating a much more powerful stimulating effect in the skin.

Secondly, Hydration station enhances the penetration of all skincare products and their active ingredients. Hydration Station is truly the “Accelerator for your Accelerators”. You will achieve a darker tan when Hydration Station is used before any UV technology and Sunless results are more even and last days longer.

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