Vitamin D Deficiency Epidemic

Vitamin D Sunshine

What most do not know is that Vitamin D isn’t actually a vitamin but more of a hormone? Weird right?
It’s actually what we call a pro-hormone, which is a substance that can be converted into a hormone.
What’s unique about Vitamin D is that our bodies don’t need a food source for it.

Now you see, our skin has the ability to take ultraviolet B rays from sunshine and make this vital component to happiness that if you don’t have enough of can cause life threatening health problems. I am dead serious about this.

Vitamin D receptors have been found in almost every tissue in our bodies, showing direct links with our cardiovascular, immunological, reproductive, cognitive and metabolic health. Yes! That’s almost all areas of your health.

Want to get sick less? Get enough Vitamin D
Want stronger Bones? Get enough Vitamin D
Want more “Nutritional Insurance”? Get enough Vitamin D
Want to feel happier? Get enough Vitamin D

Simply, Vitamin D is so important to your overall health that if you’re deficient in it like most people, it may be a big problem. 
Vitamin D mediates its effects through these receptors in the cell nucleus, effecting gene expressions via the production of Calcitriol (a potent steroid hormone with many biological actions). Scientists estimate that Calcitriol or the lack of it can affect the expression of hundreds of different genes, now linked to over 200 Major Health Problems, such as:

– Cognitive impairment in older adults
– Depression
– Osteoporosis (Vitamin D is vital in proper absorption of calcium for strong bones)
– Obesity (The active form of vitamin D effects the production of insulin, effecting insulin sensitivity – which is directly related to fat loss)
– At least 16 types of cancers (including Prostate, Colon, and Breast cancers)
– Type 1 and 2 Diabetes

It’s been estimated that 50% of Americans are Vitamin D deficient, and I believe that number is way off. Yikes! It’s starting to look like an epidemic.

However here’s some good news. You can very easily get more Vitamin D in your body by exposing yourself to UVB light. (Outside in the sunlight for up to an hour, indoor low pressure for up to 15 minutes.)

Source: Athletic Greens


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